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What to expect on your driving exam?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The Florida driving exam is laughably easy at best, and bordering on complete irresponsibility on the part of the State. How so? I'm glad you asked!

At your standard Florida driver's exam, applicants will be expected to prove that they can successfully perform four maneuvers:

•Straight-in parking. •Quick stop.

•Straight backing (50').

•Trhee-point turn.

...and a simulation of parking on a "hill" (good luck finding a hill down here).

In most DMV offices, the test takes place in a parking lot (most of the time cut off from real traffic) and at a speed not to exceed 20 mph (sometimes 10 mph). The driving test takes 10 minutes to complete (in some places 5 minutes is enough), and most of this time is used to explain the test itself. After "successfully" completing the exam, applicants can get their driver's license and basically drive in all 50 States. Are they allowed to drive a 26' U-haul truck? Heck yeah! How about a 10-ton camper? Bring it on! Trailer and all!

And now, we're facing a newly licensed driver who can't potentially perform a U-turn, parallel park, handle an intersection, handle a highway ramp properly, and all the other maneuvers that safe drivers are supposed to have mastered BEFORE having the huge responsibility of hurling a 4000-pound projectile at 60 mph down the road (let that sink in).

At Sunny Road Driving School we are on a mission! To forge a future generation of safe drivers for our communities. To safeguard the mental health of parents, knowing that their children are really ready for the road; not just holding a piece of plastic that reads "safe driver". We want you to get to your destination, safe.

Florida allows for unprofessional training of future drivers; ei, any 21-year-old with a Florida license can "teach" a teenager how to drive. This is a practice unheard of in most other States and countries. No wonder we are leading the nation on bad driving behavior!

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